Welcome To James&Co

James&Co is the only brand of vegan leather outerwear that is both vegan and sustainable.  Of even greater uniqueness & significance, we don't just make & supply top quality vegan leather jackets and coats.  We make & supply top quality vegan leather jackets and coats with the purposes of:

- contributing to ending tailoring in real leather and making a difference to growing cruelty-free stances

- contributing to eradicating toxic leather alternative traditional polyurethane (pu) and toxic raw materials in vegan leather alternatives

-contributing to meeting global sustainability goals

We started business in 2012 as a leading retail brand for stylish vegan leather products. In 2018 we began the pivot away from tailoring in the traditional polyurethane vegan leather which is toxic and eco-unfriendly to lead the change to tailoring in the innovative emerging sustainable alternatives - both lab-grown and plant-based.

We pride ourselves on being the leader making the sustainable switch and being able to work with our customers to help them achieve their sustainability goals by making the switch too.

We are a brand of trust and ethics. We Are a Certified B Corp. We are Peta-approved Vegan and a Peta Business Friend. And we have aligned with the UN Sustainability Development Goals.

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