Unique ethical crueltyfree vegan leather outerwear

  we are truly vegan.no real leather here.

 Looks like you're in the market for an ethical outerwear jacket or coat?  

 Then James&Co collections is for you.

 Yes, there are vegan leather jackets and coats that carry other brand names.

 But James&Co is different from other brands.

 Here's why. 

 1.    We do ONLY ethical vegan leather, vegan suede, faux fur and crueltyfree fabric jackets and coats.  Unlike other brands which also do leather jackets in their collections.

2.    We make vegan leather and crueltyfree fabric products because of our ethical commitment to animal rights, crueltyfree products and sustainable fashion. For our jackets, 'vegan leather' is more than a fabric description. It's an ethical choice.

3.    We offer Plus Sizes. Because stylish ethical choices should not be restricted by individual body shapes or sizes. 

4.    We offer a range of payment options. Including the oprtion to pay in instalments when you pre-order or design your own. 50% at time of order, 50% when the jacket is ready for despatch. 

5.     We give you Supplier Transparency.  We manufacture under a Supplier Code of Conduct, name our supplier and show them to you in a video.




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