Terms & Conditions For Dropship Partners

1. James&Co (Australia) Pty Ltd ('James&Co') withholds the rights to change these Terms & Conditions of Sale without prior notice.

2. James&Co only deals with customers that have a trading account or website or online store. Any accounts opened for purchasing items for personal use will be cancelled immediately. 

3. 'Customers' refer to customers who have been approved with James&Co for a dropshipping partnership.

4. These Terms and Conditions apply to all goods supplied by James&Co. All orders placed on James&Co products advertised on our website are considered an offer for customers to purchase the items selected in their order. No contract exists until we have received and accepted your order. When orders are placed you will receive an email confirming this. This notification is not a confirmation that the order has been accepted by James&Co. 

5. When a customer is approved as a Dropship Partner, they will be issued a Discount Code to be entered at the time of checkout. That Discount Code will reduce the purchase price by 40% reflecting the agreed share of the purchase price of 60% to James&Co and 40% to customers. 

5.  James&Co has taken care to describe and take images as accurately as possible in accordance to the manufacturer’s specification. Despite this, variations amongst items may occur. If there is anything you don’t understand about the information provided on the website please email us at info@jamesandcovegan.net.

6. All prices shown on the website are in United State dollars and will be converted to the appropriate country currency in Checkout. 

7. It is the responsibility of the customer to monitor our website and data feeds and update their stock levels accordingly through the medium in which the customer sells. James&Co cannot be held accountable for any potential loss of earnings through customers continuing to advertise out of stock and discontinued products.

8. The price of an item includes a flat-rate global shipping charge of USD15. It is a matter for customers the shipping policy they have with their own customers to whom the order will be shipped. 

9. There is no minimum order requirement for individual drop-shipped order.

10. When customers place an order with James&Co they are confirming they have read and agreed to the terms, conditions and delivery times laid out in writing in this document. In the event of goods shipped to an address other than the customers' address James&Co has no contract between the receiver of these goods (customers' customer) and ourselves. In this case we cannot mediate any aspect of the sale between yourself and the end receiver of the goods shipped.

11. Payments for orders can be made via MasterCard, Visa and Paypal.

12. It is expected that customers' orders are paid in full before we dispatch them. If payment fails, the order will be cancelled within 3 working days.

13. For all drop shipping orders, there will be no additional fees involved. All the handling costs are built into the shipping costs. The only costs payable are the item price as discounted and the shipping cost as per clause 8.

14. As most of James&Co products are manufactured once an order has been placed and pay for, we advise on our product descriptions to allow 30 days for delivery to the recipient. It is expected that customers advise this time frame on their own advertisements for our products. 

15. If any goods are received damaged or faulty, the recipient must notify customers within 48 hours of receiving them. James&Co must then be notified within 72 hours after the expected delivery time. Please provide photographic evidence.  For damaged and faulty goods, we will refund customers the price the full price less shipping.

16. We cannot be held responsible for goods that do not arrive to the customer due to errors made by the customer or by the drop shipper when entering the address details. Please ensure all details are checked before the order is confirmed. 

17. James&Co will take all reasonable precautions ensuring that the details of customers' order and payments are kept secure. Unless James&Co is negligent we will not be liable for unauthorised access to the information supplied by customers. James&Co will not supply customer information to any third party.

18. All our images are freely available for use on customers' own websites.