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Large retailers are working on streamlining their wholesale buying processes online. Nordstrom is a leader in this digital change.

James&Co aims to facilitate the process for our retail partners. To add operational value to the trusted values of being a James&Co retail partner.

The following is information about the James&Co brand and operations which is important for your choice to become a retail partner.

The James&Co sustainable outerwear brand resonates with the modern woman for whom conscious style is the imperative. Wearing quality classic styles with luxe tailoring while ensuring their fashion choices are not harming animals or the environment.

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There is growing demand for eco friendly sustainable womens outerwear and retailers are incorporating sustainability into their businesses.

The demand for sustainable living products is growing fast. Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability consumers (LOHAS) want sustainable products that cause no harm to the environment or the animal kingdom.
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Our sustainable leather alternative fabrics are both eco-friendly and cruelty-free. As are all the fabrics chosen to tailor our stylish outerwear.

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James&Co is the brand that your customers can trust.

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