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James&Co leads the market for sustainable leather alternative apparel

Many brands describe their faux leather or leather alternative apparel as 'vegan leather'.

These vegan leather fabrics are cruelty-free and vegan because they are not the leather from animals.

However, they are not eco-friendly because the fabrics are either PVC or PU. Neither the fabric nor the process to create them is green. This is mainly because one of the key ingredients s used has very high levels of the toxic solvent DMF (dimethyl formamide). When emitted during traditional PU processing, the solvent eventually becomes greenhouse gas.

'Most faux leathers consist of a knitted polyester base with a PVC or polyurethane coating. But because they're essentially plastic-based, they come with many of the same environmental problems of other synthetics. They're usually manufactured from fossil fuels and take a long time to break down once they reach the end of their useful life.'


James&Co does not tailor its apparel in chemicals-based PU or PVC.

The leather look alternative fabric used by James&Co is the product of an R&D facility formed to develop environmentally protective alternatives to PU and PVC: ShuQiao based in Linyang City, China. The brand name for the product is 'Beyllos'.

Unlike PU, both the fabric and the manufacturing processes tick green boxes.

The raw materials for the fabric are eco-friendly, water-based and no chemicals are used. The fabric is bio-degradable. The production process is technology developed by ShuQuia which is an integrated and automated line from beginning to end. It is a short process with zero DMF and low carbon gas emissions. Green & sustainable processing leading to a green & sustainable fabric.

ShuQiao is a leading producer of water-based synthetic leather.

But because of the recognition of the harm done to the environment by oil-based PU and PVC, it is not the only one investigating. Leading R&D entity Bayer is also on the job.

And don't freak out at the thought of using the resource of water to create the fabric. The water-based synthetic leather fabrics uses 95% less water than the DMF process in PU.

Sustainable vegan leather for James&Co outerwear is a top quality product. It is soft, flexible, doesn't peel or lose color, and is a stylish leather look alternative.

It looks great tailored in its natural state (a la Frannie). And with a wax-wash finish of silver (a la Juliana) or light gold (a la Ellie).

Available in a classic color range.

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