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About James&Co

James&Co started business in 2012 with leading design womens jackets and coats tailored in the best quality vegan leather.
The business was established after the death of the founder's son James. James was a unique individual who cared unassumingly about others and whose natural inclination was to show humanity - and of course, like most 24 year olds, James liked to dress with style. In his talented writing, James exhorted us to 'Live Life & Love It' - he inspires us now to uphold that legacy.

James&Co was founded on the belief that women shouldn't have to sacrifice their looks or style in order to live ethically and compassionately.

At that time, the only vegan leather available for outerwear was fabric that incorporated chemicals in its manufacture.

Now 6 years later there are some alternatives and James&Co is the leading brand in adopting some for its forthcoming collections.  
The chemicals-based leather look is replaced with water-based leather look fabric. And there are styles being tailored in the groundbreaking fabric made from pineapple leaves.
So James&Co is now both eco-friendly and sustainable!

James & Co is the vegan fashion shop for high fashion eco-friendly vegan outerwear and accessories.  Our jackets and coats are classic styles that are beautifully manufactured with contemporary finishings and features. And our new line of belts adds class to any outfit. We truly believe that no-one should suffer to make you look stylish.

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We are Peta-approved Vegan and a Peta Business Friend. we proudly proclaim ourselves as the authentic peta approved vegan clothing brand. We don't just call our products 'vegan', we are the vegan brand. We are also a member of Common Objective

We believe in supply chain transparency. All our products are manufactured in Pakistan by Mukhtar&Sons under our Supplier Code of Conduct. For end-of-life products, we donate to Good 360 for distribution to needy.
We also have a Sustainability Policy setting out our environmental and social objectives. 
5% of each sale is donated to organisations working to reduce suicide rates and raise awareness of mental health issues. 
The trend to holistic vegan and sustainable lifestyles is growing around the globe. So when you buy a James&Co product, you're not just buying a product.  You are joining forces with the growing community of people who eschew lifestyle elements that harm the environment and animals. And you'll get the great feeling that you know you look good while doing good!  
Wholesale and dropship partners are very welcome.  Please contact us to discuss. 



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