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The Unique Value Of James&Co Outerwear

James&Co is the leading brand for womens outerwear in sustainable cruelty-free leather look fabrics. 

We are the first and so far only brand to tailor our outerwear in leather alternative polyurethane (PU) which is not made with plastics and toxic solvents. Commonly known as water-based or water-borne PU, we call the fabric  'eco leather' .

All our jackets and coats are stylish designs which are professionally tailored. When you choose a James&Co sustainable fashion piece you make an individual contribution to a better world and achieving globally agreed sustainability goals. Read our blog posts to learn more about how. 

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James&Co Sustainable Biker Biker Jacket w Wax Wash Finish Diane l Sustainable Vegan Leather l

Biker Jacket Diane wholesale

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