Vegan Sustainable Leather Skinny Belt Carol B2B

Vegan Sustainable Leather Skinny Belt Carol B2B

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New fabrics available for our ever-popular Carol skinny belts: 

  • sustainable vegan leather
  • pinatex pineapple leaf leather


MATERIAL:          (1) water based PU leather that we call eco leather . Sustainable polyurethane that is made using a new technology - no plastics, fossil fuels, chemical solvents - and is environmentally-friendly.

                             (2) Pinatex pineapple leaf leather


Wide variety of colors and patterns. 


FEATURES: W1.5cm x L110cm,  5 buckle holes, 2 belt loops, metal buckle..


PRICING:  Dependent on fabric.  To be confirmed. Price showing is approx. RRP. See Wholesale Pricing List for quantity discounts.  See Wholesale Terms & Conditions


Contact us to discuss further. 

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