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Sustainability Survey For James&Co: Just 9 Qs For Your Feedback On Products & Recycling

Anne Hurley

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A short survey for consumers, followers and partners to give us feedback on our initiatives for sustainability in our products and recycling initiative.

Make An Eco Contribution: Send Your Plastic-Based PU Faux/Vegan Leather Jacket To Us For Recycling

Anne Hurley

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Here's another sustainable contribution you can make: divert your PU fabric jacket from landfill by re-using or recycling it

What do you do with a vegan leather jacket that has come to its effective end of life for you?  You can always donate it to a charity for re-use by the charity customers.  Or send it for recycling. James&Co is investigating a partnership to recycle PU jackets - not just our brand styles from previous years but all brands.  This will make it easier for our customers to send their used PU jackets for recycling. As a first step and as we set up the recycle initiative, we invite our Australian customers to send your used PU jacket to us and we will send it on for recycling. At no shipping cost to you.  



How A James&Co Purchase Is A Consumer's Personal Contribution To Sustainability

When considering a leather or leather-look jacket purchase, consumers may like the look and supposed-luxury of expensive real leather jackets or wearing a brand name of 'vegan leather' jackets. Or they may prefer to pay the lowest prices for faux leather jackets. From our researches, James&Co is  the only brand of womens outerwear tailored in chemical-free leather look fabrics. So we want consumers to know that making the decision to buy James&Co is a smart choice. And why.