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It's Time! True Sustainable Vegan Leather Delivers True Sustainability Outcomes.

James&Co has been working really hard over recent years to be the supplier of always-popular leather look outerwear that is both vegan and sustainable. For retailers who currently stock and sell faux/vegan leather outerwear we can help you achieve your Sustainability Goals of sourcing sustainable raw materials and ensuring you are purchasing sustainable products. 

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Use The Downturn To Drive Meeting Fashion Sustainability Goals. WBCSD & UN Global Compact Pls Help!

The coronavirus has impacted us all around the world personally and economically. Every level of the supply chain in the fashion industry is feeling the downturn in business - some to zero.There are ways to seize opportunity from the adversity and to keep us going until the crisis passes and we can build up.

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How Coronavirus Impacts James&Co's Operations: Let's Turn Adversity Into Opportunity

Can we work together to achieve sustainability goals - to accelerate the work to achieve any of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030? For example, with the break in brands and retailers being able to source raw materials and products, can we work together to achieve goals of reducing/diminishing reliance on raw materials that are harmful and replacing them with sustainable ones when the factories re-open?

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