Organic Denim Next In Line For James&Co Great Classic Outerwear Styles

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Organic Denim Is Next In Line For Great Classic Styles.

What is Organic Denim?

It's fabric made from 100% organic cotton that's grown without pesticides or chemicals.

The dye used for denim color is indigo which is extracted from a natural source being the stems and leaves of plant species. A commercially produced synthetic dye is not used.

Indigo is fermented and reduced so as to be absorbed by the fiber and the fabric dried/exposed to oxygen to develop the blue color.

The dying process for natural indigo dye is less involved than using a synthetic color dye. It uses less water, energy, chemicals and produces less carbon dioxide than denim dying with a synthetic compound.

A blazer adds style to any outfit.

A James&Co styled blazer tailored in organic denim adds sustainable style.
Watch this space for James&Co sample images.

The classic denim trucker can be regular, oversize, long.
With lining of faux shearling for cooler climes.

Watch this space for James&Co sample images.

Trim in Pinatex pineapple leaf leather will be a headturner.
It can be block or design.

Watch this space for James&Co sample images.

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