We Have Added Branded Accessories For Your Sustainable Dressing

Anne Hurley

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So much has been happening since our last blog.

We know that consumers are increasingly seeking to put sustainability at the top of their purchasing considerations.  We've shared some information about this in an earlier blog

Therefore James&Co took the view that we could make it easier for our customers to have offerings of sustainable accessories, in addition to our sustainable outerwear, in our store. The eco-friendly adaption of materials to jewellery items is continuing in sunglasses and watches. And good quality vegan leather bags are always sought after.


image of sustainable sunglasses
You can now buy sunglasses which don't have plastic frames. Rather they have wood or bamboo frames.  And polarized lenses to protect against sun glare across all seasons. 

We now offer you quality brands of sustainable sunglasses.  Here's a little bit more about them. 


sustainable bag
We also offer quality brands of bags: backpacks, crossbody bags, handbags, travel bags.  Great selection at great prices.

And here's a short video to help get our message out. 

wood watch
A really exciting development has been crafting watches with quality mechanisms in wood.  We have some very stylish offerings

Here's a video about the lovely timepieces.


If you've watched the videos, you could not have missed that ATM we have an Eco Sale running. 

You get 15% off every sustainable product in our store - outerwear, sunglasses, bags and watches.

You get 20% off with a duo purchase. 

Ends 27 July so be quick.  And share with your friends! 

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