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James&Co Is The Leading Apparel Brand To Ditch Toxic Faux Leather. Join Us In The Campaign To Further The Sustainable Industry Change.

James&Co is running a crowdfunding campaign starting 17 January 2020. This will become live at  Its objective is to raise funds for a marketing campaign - to promote the James&Co brand leadership in ending use of toxic faux leather for its outerwear and tailoring in sustainable eco leather. Read why traditional faux leather harms the environment and how supporting the James&Co crowdfunding campaign will be a contribution by you to making a difference.

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Sustainability Sale: Benefits For Customers, James&Co, Environment & UN SDGs

The purchase of a James&Co sustainable eco vegan leather jacket at sale price in our Sustainability Sale can make a difference to reducing fashion industry pollution of 97% of textiles being sent to landfill and make a difference to achieving UN Sustainability Development Goals of reduce, reuse, recycle.  

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Cruelty-free Does Not Always Equate to Sustainable: Info To Help Make A Difference

In light of concerns expressed about the lack of sustainability of the Matt & Nat PU/PVC products in particular, and in respect of all vegan leather/faux leather jackets made from PU or PVC, it is clear that products ticking the box for cruelty-free and vegan are not de facto ticking the box for sustainable. Armed with that information consumers have the ability to choose. Choosing and rewarding responsible fashion brands that do good, over the ones that don’t, can drive the whole industry to become more sustainable and fair.

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