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We Meet The Loveliest People In Our Business!

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James&Co set up our crueltyfree vegan jacket business because we really want to make a contribution to converting humanity away from eating and wearing animals. Our research has not turned up any other clothing or jacket company that does vegan leather or vegan suede jackets for ethical reasons. Other well-known brands carrying ‘faux’ or ‘vegan’ leather jackets (we won’t name them here) also do the real leather and suede, so it’s not the ethics driving the fabric choice.

We’ve only been in business for 4 years, but we want to share with you that we get so much joy from the lovely people we have met in this business. And share with you this recent example of that.

We did a campaign to enter the draw to win a free ‘Vivienne’ moto suede jacket.


A lucky winner was drawn and we emailed her and announced there was a winner (no names) on social media. (Note: Charlie the Cat was not part of the prize!)

congrats-to-vivienne-winnerThe lovely winner Lisa (no surname used) emailed a most beautiful response. She was delighted to win, but also because she was winning a gift from a crueltyfree business she had been following and promoting. Her words were wonderful. And we incorporated just a few of them in a public Thank You!


Lisa won the jacket. But James&Co won by getting to know such a lovely person.

Welcome your thoughts and comments.

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