We Don’t Want Animals In Our Clothes Or In Our Hair and Body Products

James&Co is passionate about not wearing animals and so we make leather/suede/fur alternative outerwear. The developments in ethical and sustainable fashion are engaging more and more people to ensure their wardrobe houses crueltyfree fashion items and we’re so pleased to be a part of changing attitudes.

The numbers of people around the global who are vegetarian or vegans in the foods they consume is growing exponentially. We regularly post great recipes and companies who are leading the charge – such as Forks Over Knives to name just one.


And then of course there are the products we use in our bodily enhancements , that is our makeup and hair products. And again the growing reach of crueltyfree vegan brands for these products is matching the growth of food and clothing.

We want to call out a couple that are successfully getting the message and the products out there.

One is Kevin Murphy haircare products. The hairdresser James&Co frequents put us onto this brand and it is great. And it is accredited by PETA for it’s Cruelty Logo.


The other is a brand in Australia –  floraandfauna – that does not make it’s own products but sells online a wide range of vegan beauty products. All with great explanatory descriptions, customer service and packaging.


We’d love to hear from you the vegan hair and beauty brands you see are making crueltyfree impact.

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