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Veganize Your Lifestyle Beyond Your Diet

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Vegan Lifestyle Store

James&Co is a follower and great fan of The Flaming Vegan blog. It is indeed as it describes itself – a Vegan and Vegetarian Blogging Extravaganza.

So we share with you the story from The Flaming Vegan about the entrepreneurial holistic vegan retail store The Imperative in Toronto. The title of the story ‘Vegan Your Lifestyle, Not Just Your Diet’ encapsulates our theory and the purpose of our blog too.

Source: Veganize Your Lifestyle, Not Just Your Diet 

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Crueltyfree Brands in Beauty & Makeup

The blog Cruelty-Free Kitty provides comprehensive lists of beauty and makeup brands, bloggers, and all.

A list of brands to be trusted is constantly updated. The latest list of March 2017 is here.

Source: The Absolute Best Cruelty-Free Beauty Products For 2017

list of crueltyfree brands

A Note About Crueltyfree Clothing

Living the vegan lifestyle in clothing means observing 4 basic principles: no wool, no silk, no leather, no fur.

James&Co is in the niche of womens vegan outerwear but as our blog develops we’ll be covering ranges of brands and styles that are crueltyfree, vegan, sustainable, ethical.

The vegan market is growing globally and one thing we’ve noticed in our sphere is increasing use of the term ‘vegan’ replacing ‘faux’. Vegan leather, vegan suede. It’s important to know that the term doesn’t actually indicate that the brand itself is vegan and only does cruelty-free clothing. So many of the large brands using it also do real leather and suede in the collections.

A call-out then to check behind a label of ‘vegan’ for whether the brand itself is vegan. You may want to re-consider buying a vegan-labelled item if the brand also sells non-vegan clothing.

In the outerwear market, James&Co is one of very few that are actually a vegan brand.

Please share any information you’d like us to share about living the vegan lifestyle!



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