The Perfect Gift: A Gift That Cares – Their Choice

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What makes the perfect gift for any occasion?  At James&Co we consider that the perfect gift reflects the values of both the giver and the receiver, makes it a joy to both give and receive, and doesn’t embarass by the size of the price tag.  And if you add that the ultimate choice of item is made by the receiver then a James&Co e-Gift Card ticks all the boxes.

This Christmas and Holiday season, there’s a Special Offer for givers of a James&Co e-Gift Card. If you enter the code ‘Gifts That Care’ in the shopping cart you will receive 20% off the price of the e-Gift Card.  The receiver still receives the full value of the e-Gift Card.  We all share the values of crueltyfree ‘Style Meets Humanity’ gifts so for the perfect gift buy James&Co e-Gift Cards. 

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