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So what does James&Co do exactly??

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James&Co is an online retail boutique that specialises in the best womens ethical faux leather outerwear.

We know that leather is a timeless fashion look in its many iterations because we love the look too. We also know that cruelty to animals to get their skins to make the leather products is a growing anathema as it is to us. Fundamental to the core of the James&Co business ethic is the eradication of cruelty to animals and the substitution of leather alternatives in the manufacture of clothes.

James&Co is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and the designs of our products are done here. Our products are manufactured in Pakistan and because we espouse supply chain transparency, you can watch the video about our manufacturers Mukhtar&Sons here.

We sell globally through a number of platforms including:

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The Imogen Canvas with Faux Leather Trim Biker Jacket

We’re Peta-approved Vegan and members of the Ethical Fashion Forum (UK).

Our product range has included bags and wallets, and we’re working on scarves and gloves from ethical fabrics for 2016.!!

We love what we do and the customers and people we meet.

The whole lifestyle of crueltyfree, vegan and ethical choices in what we wear, eat, do and enjoy is what James&Co is about – which is why our blog is called “Live Life & Love It!!”.

And last but not least, we work with partners to raise awareness of youth mental health issues and initiatives to address better outcomes and suicide prevention.

Love to hear from you what you think about our products, our vision – and anything else!



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