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It’s a great time to share the joy of christmas giving

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Gifts at this time of year make us feel special and loved – both the giving of gifts and the receiving. It is also a time of year when there is a great opportunity to gift to others who are less fortunate so they can feel the joy of receiving.

There has been a significant movement over the years to include donations to charities and worthy causes on the gift list. There are many forms it can take. For example, you could make a donation to a favoured cause in the name of the person to whom you are gifting in lieu of a physical gift. You could donate to any of the causes which the large retail organisations support as you do your christmas shopping.

As a commercial organisation founded on ethical principles selling apparel, we found a way this year we could combine our merchandise with humanitarian giving.

We have partnered with the Crossroads Foundation. This Foundation is a Hong Kong-based non-profit organisation with the goal of helping people in a broken world. To be a crossroads where those in need and those who can help are brought together. Hong Kong. Receiving donations of quality goods by business and private donors, they distribute these goods to people in need around the world. Read more:  https://www.crossroads.org.hk/

We have created a $100 Gift Card.  With every purchase of this Gift Card, James&Co will donate a jacket to the Foundation.  So the recipient can put the Gift Card towards a James&Co jacket and a person in need will also receive a jacket from the Foundation.

It’s the gift that gives twice really and puts a smile on more than one face this Christmas season.

Please share with us stories about humanitarian giving you’re part of or have heard of.

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