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Can you reconcile commercialism with conscience?

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We’re at that time of year when we as consumers are literally assaulted by marketing to persuade us to spend. Sales and discounts and coupons for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, pre-Black Friday, pre-Cyber Monday, Christmas, pre-Christmas, New Year….

And as a business, James&Co is in there doing its bit to persuade you to buy our products.  Of course, we are in no way able to compete with the marketing behemoths behind the huge enterprises and chains. Nor do we want to bombard our followers with daily incentives so that they conclude that we are just in in for the dollar as well.

In our marketing and advertising, we are offering discounts and bargains like all the competitive retailers. But we call out the differentiator that as a business that sells products with conscience, the discounts and bargains on offer are also discounts and bargains with conscience.

cyber monday ad for discount with conscience
Discount With Conscience

In the absence of research to date to support whether the James&Co conscience differentiator is a persuader for consumers, we do reflect on whether it gets lost amid the discounting hype.

And whether the James&Co message to shop ethical crueltyfree alternatives and to buy from businesses that have transparent non-exploitative supply chains is at odds with the commercial message to spend, spend, spend for the bargains?

Or whether the marketing might and ability of others to absorb massive product discounts for their offerings results in the conscious choice becoming a secondary consideration for the consumer to getting the massive bargain.

We are still a relatively new business after just 3 years, but I can say with comfort if not statistical support that the feedback and observations from our customers and followers confirms our belief that the commitment to shop ethically is not a casualty of rampant commercialism.

I would love to hear from our readers and followers. I pose this question:

If you could buy a brand-name leather jacket for 50% off or a brand-name leather alternative jacket for 50% off – which would you buy and why?





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