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26 January in Australia: what the lamb???

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As an introduction for our readers who may not be aware – Australia promotes 26 January as ‘Australia Day’. And for some reason, eating lamb on 26th January has come to be promoted as part of the culture of celebration of that day.

Now there are many issues about whether the 26 January 1788 bloody landing by the British on the soil of its indigenous people and later named ‘Australia’ qualifies for a celebration of the establishment of a nation. And rightly these issues are inceasingly being given prominence in Australia with celebration of the day being challenged.

The eating of lamb as a ‘must do’ cultural activity is also being challenged. For years, the lamb industry developed long-awaited humourous Australia Day ‘eat  lamb’ ads which promoted lamb as the Australian meat and which were widely anticipated. They still do, but now not without challenge. The 2016 campaign came in for some particular critism.

Animals Australia is doing some great alternative promotions.   Such as, the 10 Australians who won’t be eating lamb on 26 January.  Their blog Unleashed is worth reading on the subject.

Osher Giinsberg

Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary, a safe haven for rescued farm animals that works to raise awareness of animal suffering in factory farms, is holding a ‘Love a Lamb Day – 26 January’ where rescued lambs are the guests of honour and not the main course!


Vegan Easy has some great Australia Day recipes including this enticingsaucy tempeh skewer. 

Saucy Tempeh Skewers

So there’s a lot to think about for the 26th January celebration in Australia.  Probably the easiest to tackle and erode over time is eating lamb on the day.

Love to hear other thoughts – and share alternative recipes!!





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